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Premium Oysters, Quandong Shallot Vinegar NGR, NDR 6.5ea

Hiramasa Kingfish Kilawin, Water Chestnut, Spiced Vinegar NGR, NDR 32

Cured Ora King Salmon, Kampot Pepper, Pomelo, Coconut Curry NGR, NDR 32

Local Scallops, Tom Yum, Betel Leaf (2) NGR, NDR 26


Tasty Peanuts, VE 9

Beef Puff, Chili Jam (3) 24

Pork Crackle, Aged Vinegar 15

Sesame Prawn Toast, Chili Mayo (2) 24

Crispy Chicken Ribs, Nam Chim Chaeo NGRO, NDR 23

Spiced Fried Lamb Ribs, Chili Caramel NGR, NDR 25

Chicken Spring Roll, Fermented Sweet Chili NDR 24

Pork Sisig, Chicken Liver, Fermented Sweet Chili, Atsara (2) NGR 23

Custard Pear, Spiced Chocolate (2) NGR 22

Chicharon Bulaklak, Sawsawan NGR, NDR 23

Vegetable Spring Roll, Sweet Chili VE 15

Fries, Aioli 8


Chili Crab & Prawn Dumplings, Sea Vegetables, Yarra Valley Caviar 26

Selection of Yum Cha, Ginger Soy 35

Char Siu Bao, Rica-Rica Sauce 24

Salted Egg Custard Bun (2) 24

V/VO – vegetarian/vegetarian optional | VE – vegan | |  NGR/O – no gluten in recipe | NDR – no dairy in recipe
Dishes can be prepared without wheat, gluten, nuts or dairy but traces may remain. Please advise us if you have any allergies.