Dinner Menu


Chili Crab & Prawn Dumplings, Sea Vegetables, Yarra Valley Caviar 26
Pork Sisig, Chicken Liver, Fermented Sweet Chili, Atsara NGR 23
Fried Zucchini Flowers, Taro rice, Tomato Sambal VE 25
Crispy Chicken Ribs, Nam Chim Chaeo NGR, NDR 23
Spiced Fried Lamb Ribs, Chili Caramel NGR, NDR 25
Chicharon Bulaklak NGR, NDR 23


Premium Oysters, Quandong Shallot Vinegar NGR, NDR 6.5ea
Hiramasa Kingfish Kilawin, Water Chestnut, Aged Vinegar NGR, NDR 32
Cured Ora King Salmon, Kampot Pepper, Pomelo, Coconut Curry NGR, NDR 32
Local Heirloom Tomatoes, Nyonya Acar, Watermelon, Strawberry, Almond Oil VE, NGR 28
Baked Scallops, Massaman Curry, Crispy Potato, Chives NGR 33


Mang Larry’s Style Kangaroo Skewers, Mango Ensalada, Bagoong, Lardo NGR, NDR 29
Rangers Valley Black Angus Scotch 300g MS 5+, Thai Salad, Nam Jim NGR, NDR 79
Local Asparagus, XO Mushroom, Jungle Curry NGR 27
Ikan Bakar NGR, NDR 54


Hainan Style Chicken, Nitish Curry, Pickled Mushroom NGR 39
Crispy Pork Belly, Apple Acharu, Radish, Red Oak Lettuce NGR, NDR 42
Macadamia Tofu, Banana Blossom, Kang Kung, Sticky Rice VE, NGR 37
Beef Rendang, Lontong, Cucumber, Pickled Shallots NGR, NDR 42
Catch of the Day MP


Summer Lettuce, Nuoc Cham VE 19
Wok Fried Vegetables, Chili Jam, Aromats NGR, VE 20
Fragrant Rice, NGR, VE 10
Roti, V 8


Fried Sticky Rice, Caramel, Coconut NGR, NDR 21
Champorado, Chocolate and Rice VO, NGRO 21
Mais Con Yelo, Sweetcorn, Cheddar, Shaved Ice NGR, V 21

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$75 per person or $95 per person

V/VO – vegetarian/vegetarian option  | VE – vegan  |  NGR/O – no gluten in recipe / option |  NDR – no dairy in recipe
Dishes can be prepared without wheat, gluten, nuts or dairy but traces may remain. Advise us if you have any allergies.