Mi Lady cocktail

Sometimes a recipe is just too good not to share. In our ‘Cook with Mi’ series, we let you in on our secrets so you can create some Miss Mi magic at home.

This week, we’re making Miss Mi’s signature cocktail – Miss Mi Lady!

Vodka 45ml
Watermelon Syrup 15 ml
Vanilla Syrup 10 ml
3 Strawberries
Lime 3 wedges
Sparkling wine 60 ml

1. Muddle lime and strawberries in shaker.
2. Add top 3 ingredients into shaker.
3. Add half ice and shake well.
4. Stain into wine glass.
5. Top up ice and sparkling wine

1. Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry on cocktail sticks
2. Lime wheel
3. Edible flower
4. Mint

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