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Introducing Migo Razon

Hailing from the Philippines, and an alumnus of the Centre for Culinary Arts in Manila, Migo Razon is an accomplished chef bringing an impressive breadth of experience to Miss Mi Melbourne.

His journey spans working in Coffs Harbour at the esteemed Bonville Golf Resort’s restaurant, which has clinched the coveted Australian Good Food Guide Chef Hat Award twice, as well as leading the kitchen at Pacific Bay Resort. As Executive Chef, he has enjoyed roles at DoubleTree by Hilton Melbourne and Sheraton Melbourne Hotel. Most recently, Chef Migo worked closely alongside award-winning celebrity chef Adrian Richardson to craft a fresh and exciting menu for the highly anticipated Geelong restaurant, Maestro.

Migo’s lifelong passion for cooking stemmed from his childhood in Makati, Manila. Growing up in the heart of the CBD, his mum would cook up meals for the extended family. They would sit and chat over delicious meals for hours.

“From seven years old I was helping to peel onions, then moved up to cooking vegetables. At nine years old, I already knew I wanted to be a chef,” said Migo.

“While some guys say their favourite place is Bunnings, my favourite place to go is the market. It still gives me butterflies. Actually my wife has banned me from cooking at home, so I still get so much joy from my work.”

His cooking ethos is simple yet balanced, “I’m always thinking about sweet, salty, sour and sometimes spicy elements when I create my menus. That level of balance that comes through in Southeast Asian cooking is always in the back on my mind.”

Two Miss Mi chefs: Miss Mi Perth Executive Chef Alex De Leon (left) with Migo Razon

Inspired by the rise in popularity of Filipino cuisine in Melbourne and across Australia, Migo is excited to become a flag-bearer of home specialities, bringing them to life in new ways.

“It’s inspiring what Filipino chefs are doing here. A chef that comes to mind is Ross Magnaye from Serai Melbourne, a restaurant that earned their first hat late last year. Another inspiration is John Rivera from Kariton Sorbetes and the newly opened Askal Restaurant which has been getting a lot of rave reviews since opening this year” he said.

When asked what we can expect to see on the menu at Miss Mi Melbourne, he whipped out his notepad to reveal a range of inspirations from Singapore to Laos, Myanmar and beyond.

“I’m taking inspiration from many places. I also want to present Filipino flavours in a lighter way, one of my ideas is Australian barramundi with aromatic herbs, steamed in coconut water, then topped with sizzling oil and coconut curds. It’s inspired by the Chinese soy and ginger fish, but with Filipino elements.”

We’re excited to welcome Migo as our new Executive Chef at Miss Mi Melbourne.

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